noviembre 25, 2006

you better watch out...larala lala St. Claus is coming to town

So, muy de acuerdo a los tiempo seguí con mi busqueda de nuevos videos de Ricky Gervais en YouTUbe y de ahí la mala idea de meter a la página de trailes de quicktime y como las papitas, si te comes una te las comes todas...

Estos son los 5 primeros títulos que vi y por un momento llegué a pensar que estaba dentro de una categoría, pero no... sorpredente y tan cerca de navidad.

DARK RIDE - Ten years after he brutally murdered two girls, a killer escapes from a mental institution and returns to his turf, the theme park attraction called “Dark Ride”. About to crash his path are a group of college kids on a road trip who stumble across the park, unaware that this thrill ride is the last one they’re ever going to take.

GRAVE DANCER - ”Old-school terror the way it should be.” Winner of rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival. A group of friends’ lives are invaded by a trio of hostile ghosts after they engage in a drunken bout of grave dancing during a wake for an old chum.

THE HAMILTONS - The Hamiltons seem to be the picture-perfect American family. They are hardworking community members; giving to their local charities, attending town hall meetings and always respectful of their neighbors... except for the fact that they usually end up killing them.

PENNY DREADFUL - Penny, a young woman traumatized by a childhood auto accident that killed her parents, accompanies her therapist on a road trip back to the scene of the accident as part of her therapy to overcome her fear of cars. But, when the two women accidentally cross paths with a dark and mysterious Hitch Hiker, an attempt at healing takes a terrifying detour.

REINCARNATION - From the director of “The Grudge” comes Reincarnation. A grisly murder, an ill-fated film, and a young actress are joined in this suspenseful, psychological horror in the tradition of The Shining.

UNREST - Alison Blanchard begins her journey to become a physician in her Gross Anatomy class, where she must confront rows of cadavers and her own fear of mortality. When the sheets are drawn back revealing her cadaver, Alison senses a presence in the lab. Her jaded professor chalks it up to first year “jitters” but her worries increase when a friend is found dead.

THREE NEDLESS - In Thom Fitzgerald’s global triptych, the struggle against the common enemy of AIDS continues around the world, manifesting itself differently by country, by religion, by class, and by gender. * Finalmente una película que no es de terror, pero habla del SIDA algo igualmente horroroso.

On his first ever hunting trip, in the calm of the Patagonian forest, a shy taxidermist who secretly dreams of executing the perfect robbery stumbles upon an opportunity to make his dreams come true. Caught up in a world of complex new rules and frightening violence, his lack of experience puts him in real danger. * RicardoDarin, película en la patagonia y todo el trailer en inglés, mirá lo que son estos gringos... lo bueno, no era de terror, lo malo es de suspenso (que no es malo).

Bueno, ya lo saben no se metan a ver trailes tan tarde y saltense como las 10 primeras películas.

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Chissock dijo...

Es pal pico la cantidad de tiempo que uno usa viendo trailers... y son como las papas, tienes toda la razon!!